Sign with me! Quick and easy signs!

You may be familiar with sign and simply want some quick tips, OR you may have never been exposed to signs and are stepping into the world of sign for the first time. So how do you navigate it all? What are some need to know signs that you are helpful to learn?  Come join us as we learn to navigate sign language!


American Sign Language (ASL) is it’s own language! The language is made up of manual signs with its own grammar, vocabulary and social cues. The language has verbs, nouns, sentences! It is just like learning a new language such as Japanese, Spanish or French except that they use their hands, gestures, facial expression and body position in order to communicate. Check out this definition by the National Association by the Deaf, explaining ASL.

What are some good signs to know? 

Basic Signs




Where can I learn sign and get my child invovled? 

Wee Hands – Signing with babies and toddlers! Fun and easy classes

Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf ASL Classes Offered. Programs for children and adults.

Canadian Hearing Society ASL Classes offered

Silent Voice – Summer Programs and home visit program where a deaf native signer will teach your family about sign language and deaf culture!

Smart Hands – Learn how to sign with your baby!

* Check out this Sign Language Dictionary! Perfect for beginners! **


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