Book Review: A Screaming Kind of Day

Check out the groundbreaking book, “A Screaming Kind of Day”, by Rachna Gilmore!


          “A Screaming Kind of Day” follows the engrossing story of Scully, a girl who is Deaf and uses hearing aids to hear her world. In order to escape the world or to have a few minutes of silence and peace, she turns them on and off. Throughout the story, Scully explains that it was a screaming kind of day because she was constantly arguing with her brother and getting in trouble from her mother. She explains that when she is out in nature she feels at peace and runs into the rain to find a moment of peace. At the end of the story she gets her family to truly understand her need to escape into nature. This story shows that the therapeutic experience of nature and the need to escape when having a difficult day is universal across all aspects of diversity. With gorgeous imagery and poetic writing this book is a must read for any family!


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