Money, Money, Money!: Navigating the world of Funding

Money! Something so simple is often so hard to find. Oftentimes, having a child with a special need requires parents to pay for many extra costs. The reasons definitely vary. Parents search for funding for different reasons such as specific programs such as speech and language pathology sessions, summer camp programs, respite programs, speciality foods/medications and more. There are an abundance of expenses and the list is limitless, however oftentimes it is often difficult for parents to discover how and where to apply! This guide is here to help you on your journey to the world of funding.


What should I do to find funding opportunities?

Take a look at this quick guide and continue to search for ways to assist your child. Many people may not know that they are able to access funding or just don’t know where to look. Also, remember you definitely should constantly push for funding! Your child has a right to well-being and opportunity. 

Where should I go and what do I need? 

Government of Ontario

What: My child needs extra funding and they have problems related to their behaviour, development or mental, physical or emotional health.

How: The government provides funding for children based on their specific special need. Check it out here.

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

What: You can apply for up to $1000 in funding for the fiscal year (April-May), for respite the maximum is $500, must be a Holland Bloorview client, child must be under 19 years of age. This funding can be for a variety of reasons. Bloorview will review your application and let you know if and how much they can help you.

How: Check out Bloorview’s Family Support Fund, to take a look at the application form and how to apply


What: My child wants to go to university/college, but I don’t know how to help them get there.

How: There are many government and organizational grants specifically for students with special needs. Take a look at this list of Ontario Education Funding.


What: My child needs assistive and/or adaptive equipment but I need help to pay for it.

How: The government offers equipment funding through the Ministry of Health and organizations such as Easter Seals, Holland Bloorview, and Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy. Take a look at the funding programs here.

Government Programs 

What: My family needs help with a range of costs such as respite, clothing, medication, dental, travel to see specialists, housing, food and more.

How: Take a look at the eligibility requirements for each of these government funding programs that cover a variety  of needs


What: I want my child to get involved in recreation programs such as camps, swimming, sports, social groups and other recreation programs.

How: Check out this full list of recreation funding throughout Ontario and find which matches your family best!


What: I need funding for respite programs for my child.

How: The Ontario government provides respite funding for children with special needs. Check out their two programs (Out-of Home Respite and Enhanced Respite Funding) here. Also, other organizations and charities offer programs which you can find here.


What: I need resources for therapy and other services for my child.

How: Holland Bloorview, various charities and organizations offer many funding opportunities. Check them out here.


What: My child has a very serious and possibly life threatening condition and they have a wish that they really want to be granted.

How: Organizations such as Make-A-Wish, Sunshine Foundation, Starlight Foundation and more, offer wish granting programs for children with serious illnesses.



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