Everyone Needs a Break: Respite Care

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 6.03.25 PM

What is Respite? 

Respite care is services provided to families caring for their child with special needs. These services allow the child to have fun and engage with another adult while parents take the time to rest, get a coffee or just simply take some time for themselves.

Why should I use Respite Services? 

They are all designed for you! Everyone, whether they are an Olympic athlete, a student, or a parent needs time to rest and time to focus on themselves. Also, it is great for children to interact in fun activities while their parents are taking time away.

Where can I access Respite Services? 

Respite Services Toronto

Respite Services Peel

Ontario Respite Services

Holland Bloorview Respite Services

Check out the complete listing of respite care services provided to families of children with special needs all throughout Ontario


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