Book Review: The Black Book of Colours

Check out the wonderful and innovative book, The Black Book of Colours by Menena Cotton and Rosana Faria! 

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Immerse yourself in Cotton’s and Faria’s world of colours in this new innovative book. Cotton and Faria introduce children to their colours, not through the “look” of the colours but through how they “feel”. In this book the pages are completely black with words written in white type and in brail. Children are able to experience the colours through their textures and through descriptions of how the colours “taste”, “sound” or “smell”. For example, when describing the colour red, the narrator explains that “yellow tastes like mustard but is as soft as chicken feathers”. This page features raised and textured drawings of feathers in order to give children the experience of soft yellow chicken feathers.  This allows all children with and without sight to experience books in a unique and exciting way.

Check out this reading of the Black Book of Colours!


One thought on “Book Review: The Black Book of Colours

  1. Thanks for sharing this book…what a wonderfully creative way to experience something that so many others live with each day. perspective changing book, I’m sure…it’s on my wishlist now!!

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