Fluffy, puffy and tons of fun!: Cloud Dough

What if you could makesomething as fluffy as a cloud that could last you for hours and hours of fun in just a few minutes? Easy, fun and great for sensory exploration, Cloud Dough is a great sensory material to use with your child! What do I need?  8 cups of flour 1 cup of baby oil  […]

DIY: Make your own BALL PIT!

Ball Pits! They are a staple of almost any child’s childhood and are a ton of fun for both children and parents alike. Children often enjoy this sensory and fun activity at school or other programs, however children often want to bring the ball pit home with them! So you do you do it? It’s […]

Goop and slime galore!: Sensory Activities

Goop? Slime? These may sound sticky, messy and unpleasant but they actually be a great sensory activity for your child! And you can make it in your own home with a few simple materials. Goop  Goop is an exciting that gives children the opportunity to feel many different textures and get messy!   What do […]