Book Review: It’s Okay to Be Different

Check out inspiring children’s author, Todd Parr’s Book, “It’s Okay to Be Different”! All of us look different, talk different, and act different but sometimes it is hard for us to know that that is okay. Todd Parr tries to teach children and parents alike in his book that it is okay to be different. […]

Book Review: The Black Book of Colours

Check out the wonderful and innovative book, The Black Book of Colours by Menena Cotton and Rosana Faria!  Immerse yourself in Cotton’s and Faria’s world of colours in this new innovative book. Cotton and Faria introduce children to their colours, not through the “look” of the colours but through how they “feel”. In this book the pages are […]

Book Review: A Screaming Kind of Day

Check out the groundbreaking book, “A Screaming Kind of Day”, by Rachna Gilmore!           “A Screaming Kind of Day” follows the engrossing story of Scully, a girl who is Deaf and uses hearing aids to hear her world. In order to escape the world or to have a few minutes of silence […]

Book Review: Ian’s Walk

Check out this inspirational and perspective changing book, “Ian’s Walk: A Story about Autism” by Laurie Lears!       Ian’s Walk follows a little boy named Ian and his sister Julie. Julie and her big sister Tara go on a walk and begrudgingly  bring her little brother Ian, who has autism. She explains how […]